Chris is available to handle any graphic design needs. Like I said Chris does  Graphic Design Services  - Logos, Banners,Websites, Brochures & more in any state​

Back end

Our next-generation graphic design services communicates a message about your business through our design work fast, no matter where in the world your customers live.                       

Front end

We combine stunning graphics with an intuitive design to create designs that turn visitors into customers. All designs for our company Sacred Imprint This Life Is Not Pretend are done by certified graphic designer Chris Cooper. And we can not stress it more that Chris Does everything,  Graphic Design Services  - Logos, Banners,Websites, Brochures & more in any state​

Our Strength

Our Vision

About Chris

Chris is a Professional graphic designer that will work with you to create designs that engage readers, drawing them ever deeper into communication of your companies message or business through graphic design.     
Christopher has  experience in Graphic Design and has earned his Graphic Design Specialist certificates .

Imagine a world where designers actually anticipate your businesses  next move. The talented designers, on our staff spend every waking hour perfecting the designs with skills and certifications from Picken's Technical College in aurora Colorado